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Tibia Kreaturen

Name Exp HP Exp/HP Beute
Abyssador Abyssador 50000 300000 0.17 Abyssador's Lash, Crystal Crossbow, Crystalline Sword, Mycological Bow, Mycological Mace, Shiny Blade - [Loot Statistik]
Achad Achad 70 185 0.38 Diese Kreatur ist immer leer
Acid Blob Acid Blob 250 250 1 Glob Of Acid Slime - [Loot Statistik]
Acolyte Of The Cult Acolyte Of The Cult 300 390 0.77 Book, Cultish Robe, Dragon Necklace, Gold Coin, Green Tunic, Life Ring, Morning Star, Music Sheet, Pirate Voodoo Doll, Rope Belt, Small Emerald, Terra Rod - [Loot Statistik]
Adept Of The Cult Adept Of The Cult 400 430 0.93 Amber Staff, Book, Clerical Mace, Cultish Robe, Gold Coin, Key Ring, Pirate Voodoo Doll, Rope Belt, Silver Amulet, Small Ruby, Time Ring - [Loot Statistik]
Amazon Amazon 60 110 0.55 Brown Bread, Dagger, Gold Coin, Leather Armor, Sabre, Skull, Studded Shield, Torch - [Loot Statistik]
Ancient Scarab Ancient Scarab 720 1000 0.72 Ancient Amulet, Daramanian Waraxe, Gold Coin, Magic Light Wand, Plate Armor, Scarab Amulet, Scarab Coin, Scarab Pincers, Scarab Shield, Small Amethyst, Small Emerald, Strong Health Potion, Terra Hood - [Loot Statistik]
Anmothra Anmothra 10000 2100 4.76 [Loot Statistik]
Annihilon Annihilon 10000 40000 0.25 Assassin Star, Blue Gem, Giant Shimmering Pearl, Gold Coin, Halberd, Mastermind Potion - [Loot Statistik]
Apprentice Sheng Apprentice Sheng 100 95 1.05 [Loot Statistik]
Arachir The Ancient One Arachir The Ancient One 1800 1600 1.13 Gold Coin, Strong Health Potion, Vampire Lord Token - [Loot Statistik]
Armadile Armadile 2900 3800 0.76 Battle Stone, Bonebreaker, Coal, Crystalline Spikes, Drill Bolt, Envenomed Arrow, Gold Coin, Great Health Potion, Great Mana Potion, Green Crystal Fragment, Green Crystal Splinter, Mana Potion, Platinum Coin, Strong Health Potion, Strong Mana Potion, Terra Boots, Time Ring, Titan Axe, Tower Shield - [Loot Statistik]
Armenius Armenius ? [Loot Statistik]
Arthei Arthei 4000 4200 0.95 Blood Preservation, Gold Coin, Platinum Coin - [Loot Statistik]
Ashmunrah Ashmunrah 3100 5000 0.62 [Loot Statistik]
Askarak Demon Askarak Demon 900 1500 0.6 [Loot Statistik]
Askarak Lord Askarak Lord 1200 2100 0.57 [Loot Statistik]
Askarak Prince Askarak Prince 1700 2600 0.65 [Loot Statistik]
Assassin Assassin 105 175 0.6 Battle Shield, Combat Knife, Gold Coin, Knife, Leopard Armor, Plate Shield, Small Diamond, Steel Helmet, Steel Shield, Throwing Star, Torch, Viper Star - [Loot Statistik]
Avalanche Avalanche 305 550 0.55 Diese Kreatur ist immer leer
Axeitus Headbanger Axeitus Headbanger 140 365 0.38 Diese Kreatur ist immer leer
Azerus Azerus 6000 7500 0.8 [Loot Statistik]
Azerus (Rift Brood) Azerus (Rift Brood) ? Diese Kreatur ist immer leer
Azerus (Rift Scythe) Azerus (Rift Scythe) ? Diese Kreatur ist immer leer
Azerus (Rift Worm) Azerus (Rift Worm) ? Diese Kreatur ist immer leer
Azerus (War Golem) Azerus (War Golem) 6000 7500 0.8 Diese Kreatur ist immer leer
Azure Frog Azure Frog 20 60 0.33 Gold Coin - [Loot Statistik]