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Stevie Male
January 15, 1989 (29)
October 02, 2006 (Letzter Besuch: April 16, 2011)
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Thursday 17 June 2010 - Gepostet von Trae
Skulle du mjligtvis kunna lsa upp min gamla trd, Traebenet's lifethread on obsidia?
Hade varit gtt eftersom att jag planerar fr en comeback! (Utan bot) Fett lächelnd
Thursday 06 November 2008 - Gepostet von Dues
DuesYour post offended me some but yeah, i can understand the pros to that being gone and some cons.
Thursday 06 November 2008 - Gepostet von Dues
DuesI expressed 2 of the problems i had with him, not all. The rest I wont discuss on forums.
Wednesday 05 November 2008 - Gepostet von Dues
DuesSuch a shame you don't use your brain. You don't know me yet you have a go and say: "Anyways, poor you, you can't make school massacres anymore. I feel for you."

You don't know my reasoning behind what i said so why insult me like that? I find your statement rather pathetic.
Thursday 04 September 2008 - Gepostet von Lord_Kattmat
Lord_KattmatMe2 (l) :d
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