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Winter 2010 Test Server Report

Geschrieben von Steven on Wednesday 01 December 2010
Tutors, fansite admins, senators... are invited to join a private test server at the moment, but it would be unfair if you wouldn't be up to date with what's happening. Thus this test server report.

New and revamped Areas

The biggest map change is the rewamp of the outlaw camp and the dungeons underneath. Feel free to explore the new area, take a look at the new design and have a talk with one of the new NPCs.

A new house in Edron can be visited, besides a little part of the Edron Academy has changed it's look.

The bonelord dungeon in Drefia also has changed it's optical shape.

A new dungeon in Zao is the home for one of the new monster races.

And finally - TADAA - the colossus has been renovated and now shines in new splendour.

New NPCs

Please have a conversation with the following NPCs. Depending on their function, check if e.g. buying/selling single and multiple items or exchanging money works as it should. If an NPC is questrelated and doesn't have any other function, you can wait until solving that specific part of the quest before talking to him.

* Sinclair (Quest NPC Edron)
* Jack (Quest NPC Edron)
* Jack's Sister (Quest NPC Edron)
* Jack's Mother (Quest NPC Edron)
* Smeralda (World Quest NPC near Thais)
* Ghostcaptain (World Quest NPC)
* Lothar (Mount Info NPC)
* Rottin Wood (Quest NPC Outlaw Camp)

Changes in Shop NPCs
All Shop NPCs have been extended with a redesigned buy/sell pattern concerning usual equipment.

Changes in Spell NPCs
As the whole spell system has been redesigned, the NPCs to sell different spells and spells for runes have been edited to reflect the applied changes.

NPC Grizzly now buys the loot of the new monsters.

New Monsters

Please find and kill the following new monsters. Check if they are too strong for the area where you have found them. Are all corpses displayed correctly in all decay states? Are the corpses (not) movable or (not) takeable according to their size and weight? Does anything seem strange about their loot? Are the monsters killing themselves?

* Stampor (Dungeon unter Chaochai)
* Boar (60 Exp, likes to roam forests)

The following monsters only can be seen in regular raids
* Midnight Panther (feels at home in thick jungles)
* Draptor (sometimes appears to support its kin)
* Crustacea Gigantica (feels at home in warm underwater regions and caves near water)
* Undead Cavebear (feels best with other undead creatures)


Check all mounts and FAQ's about them in our Mounts article.

New Quests

Common sidequests: Some of the following NPCs could need your help
* Spectulus is mumbling about his lost assistant...
* Rottin Wood wants you to join his merry men and rob innocent merchants...
* Sinclair in Edron sends you on a ghost hunt and may have another task for you...
* Chartan in the rebel hideout needs your help with a daily task concerning some special fruit

World Task
* Smaralda near Thais looks into your soul and discovers a mission concerning a ghost ship and a dead pirate...

Spell changes

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Enlarge image: Spell changes

Various Adjustments

Adressed game weaknesses
We have adjusted some of the often mentioned game weaknesses like luring and blocking, and apllied some changes to prevent such cases or make it harder to put up traps or blocks:

* Luring: Combat Restrictions when player character is not on position 1 in a stack changed so that they only apply if there are no other player characters on top of that character (instead of also a monster)

* Luring: Wild creatures do not instantly become inactive when they lose their target but first try to walk back towards their monsterhome. If there is an unpassable obstacle on the way, the creature will walk up to that obstacle. Once either is reached, the creature will random walk shortly before finally falling asleep

* Luring: Players will not be able to rope wild creatures anymore. Therefore monsters will not fall into pitfalls anymore.

* Blocking / Trapping in protection zones: Passing through other player characters (as currently on optional PvP) is now possible on all servers in protection zones.

* Respawn blocking: New flag for monster races forcerespawn that allows specially boss monsters to spawn even if player characters are in the area. Before such a force respawn, there will be a magic teleport circle blinking at the spot where the monster is about to spawn

Rule Reform
As already teasered, a reform of the tibia rules will be applied with this update. This will affect the following issues:
* Changed the texts and reasons for Rule Violation Reports (ingame and on the website)
* Changed the names of some Chat Channels within the TibiaClient