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Tibia Nachrichten

The Lightbearer

Geschrieben von Cipsoft on Tuesday 08 November 2016
The power of light is needed once more since the layer between Tibia and the infernal world is thinning down. Evil forces are about to burst through the weak spots to invade our world and its inhabitants. Stand together and illuminate the sky to keep the powerful demons away.

From server save November 11 until server save November 15, lightbearerten fire basins need to be kept burning to dispel the imminent gloom. But be careful: if even a single light goes out, your world has failed!

If you are interested in helping, you may want to visit Lucius in Yalahar once the event has started. Also, some of our supported and promoted fansites provide detailed guides with useful information about this event so pay them a visit. You should also check your world board to see if other players have already begun to make arrangements for the Lightbearer.

Light up the darkness!
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