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Bigfoot's Burden

Geschrieben von Lady Kynthia

Typ: Reguläre Quest
Stufenvorraussetzung: 80
Ort: Kazordoon
Premium: Nein
Belohnung: Access to the Gnome's teleport system, access to warzones, 2-10 Gnomish supply package/day, 2-10 minor crystalline token/day, major crystalline token, a lot of achievements
Dauer: Lang (> 2 Stunden)
Notizen: You need to do the missions on a daily basis to get enough reputation and tokens to enter the warzones.


570 HP
500 Exp
795 HP
515 Exp
Earth Elemental
Earth Elemental
650 HP
450 Exp

? HP
? Exp
Massive Earth Elemental
Massive Earth Elemental
1330 HP
850 Exp
Dragon Lord
Dragon Lord
1900 HP
2100 Exp

? HP
? Exp
Massive Fire Elemental
Massive Fire Elemental
1200 HP
1400 Exp

? HP
? Exp


To start this quest you need to go to Kazordoon. At the place where you can get the phoenix blessing to the north there is a passageway leading you to a NPC and a strange teleporter. Talk to the NPC like this:

Gespräche mit NPC
player: Hi
Xelvar: Greetings. Are you interested in adventures?
player: yes
Xelvar: Right now I am sort of recruiting people.
player: recruiting
Xelvar: Ok, so listen. Your help is needed. That is if you're the hero type. Our ... partners need some help in urgent matters.
player: partners
Xelvar: I guess the time of secrecy is over now. Well, we have an old alliance with another underground dwelling race, the gnomes.
player: gnomes
Xelvar: The gnomes preferred to keep our alliance and their whole existence a secret. They are a bit distrustful of others. ...
Xelvar: They are quite self-sufficient and the fact that they are actually accepting some help is more than alarming. The gnomes are in real trouble and I am kind of an ambassador to find some people willing to help.
player: help
Xelvar: The gnomes are locked in a war with an enemy that thins out their resources but foremost their manpower. We have suggested that people like you could be just the specialists they are looking for. ...
Xelvar: If you are interested to join the gnomish cause I can arrange a meeting with their recruiter.
player: join
Xelvar: I am glad to hear that. In the spirit of our own foreign legion we suggested the gnomes might hire heroes like you to build some kind of troop. They gave me that strange crystal to allow people passage to their realm. ...
Xelvar: I hereby grant you permission to use the basic gnomish teleporters. I also give you four gnomish teleport crystals. One will be used up each time you use the teleporter. ...
Xelvar: You can stock up your supply by buying more from me. Just ask me for a trade. Gnomette in the teleport chamber of the gnome outpost will sell them too. ...
Xelvar: The teleporter here will transport you to one of the bigger gnomish outposts. ...
Xelvar: There you will meet Gnomerik, the recruitment officer of the Gnomes. If you are lost, Gnomette in the teleport chamber might be able to help you with directions. ...
Xelvar: Good luck to you and don't embarrass your race down there! Keep in mind that you are a representative of the big people.

Xelvar has given you 4 teleporting crystals, they work the same way as orichalcum pearls. You can buy more from him for 150 gold each. Go through the portal and head north, till you find Gnomette, and she can tell you some of the Gnomes' history

Near Gnomette there is a stair leading down, go down and head north west and you will find Gnomerik. Talk to him like this:

Hi, Recruitment, Yes, Test

The answers to his questions are: A - C - A - D - D - D - B - D - B - C - C - A - D - A - A - D

Also after each answer you must say "test" again to get the next question.

For me after I answered his questions with the above, he told me this:
Gespräche mit NPC
Gnomerik: You have passed the test with 104 of 112 possible points. Congratulations. You are ready to proceed with the more physical parts of your examination! Go and talk to Gnomespector about it.

Continue west after this to find Gnomespector, talk with him like this:

Gespräche mit NPC
player: Hi
Gnomespector: Hello fearless recruit.
player: Recruit
Gnomespector: Your examination is quite easy. Just step through the green crystal apparatus in the south! We will examine you with what we call g-rays. Where g stands for gnome of course ...
Gnomespector: Afterwards walk up to Gnomedix for your ear examination.

Go south through the big green X-ray and head down to the ear doctor which is just south after you walked through the X-ray.

Step on the green strange tile and say Hi, and wait for the results.
A strange slime will spawn in front of you, kill it and wait for the doctor to finish your ear exam.

Gnomedix: I got it! Yikes! What was that? Uhm, well ... you passed the ear examination. Talk to Gnomaticus for your next test.

Go south to begin your next test.

Talk with Gnomatius to start your test:

Gespräche mit NPC
player: Hi
Gnomaticus: Hi there! Are you here for the shooting test or to report your success?
player: Shooting
Gnomaticus: To the left you see our shooting range. Grab a cannon and shoot at the targets. You need five hits to succeed. ...
Gnomaticus: Shoot at the villain targets that will pop up. DON'T shoot innocent civilians since this will reset your score and you have to start all over. Report to me afterwards.

Go west to the shooting area.
Stand in front of one of the cannons, when a red character shows up on the green tile, click the cannon to shoot it. After you successfully hit the target 5 times in a row you can go back to the NPC. But be careful, if you hit the wrong target you'll need to start all over.

Talk with Gnomaticus like this:

Gespräche mit NPC
player: Hi
Gnomaticus: Hi there! Are you here for the shooting test or to report your success?
player: Report
Gnomaticus: You are showing some promise! Now continue with the recruitment and talk to Gnomewart to the south for your endurance test!

Now head south and go over to the endurance test part.

Talk with Gnomewart like this:

Gespräche mit NPC
player: Hi
Gnomewart: Oh! Hi there! I guess you are here for the endurance test!
player: Endurance
Gnomewart: Ah, the test is a piece of mushroomcake! Just take the teleporter over there to the south and follow the hallway. ...
Gnomewart: You'll need to run quite a bit. It is important that you don't give up! Just keep running and running and running and ... I guess you got the idea. ...
Gnomewart: At the end of the hallway you'll find a teleporter. Step on it and you are done! I'm sure you'll do a true gnomerun! Afterwards talk to me.

Head south to the teleporter. Walk through it and start running. Some tiles will teleport you back but just keep running till you get to the teleporter. Go through it and the test is done.

Talk with Gnomewart like this:

Gespräche mit NPC
player: Hi
Gnomewart: Oh! Hi there! I guess you are here for the endurance test!
player: Endurance
Gnomewart: You have passed the test and are ready to create your soul melody. Talk to Gnomelvis to the east about it.

Walk to the east and look for a sign that says "Soul Melody".
Talk with Gnomelvis like this:

Gespräche mit NPC
player: Hi
Gnomelvis: Hello. Is it me you're looking for?
player: Looking
Gnomelvis: I'm the gnomish musical supervisor!
b]player[/b]: Musical
Gnomelvis: Ah well. Everyone has a very personal melody in his soul. Only if you know your soul melody then you know yourself. And only if you know yourself will you be admitted to the Bigfoot company. ...
Gnomelvis: So what you have to do is to find your soul melody. Do you see the huge crystals in this room? Those are harmonic crystals. Use them to deduce your soul melody. Simply use them to create a sound sequence. ...
Gnomelvis: Every soul melody consists of seven sound sequences. You will have to figure out your correct soul melody by trial and error. If you hit a wrong note, you will have to start over.

This melody is different for everyone, there are 4 crystals in the room and you need to click them in the right order to find your soul melody. You'll get sparks around you and green notes will come from the crystal if you get the note right, if you get it wrong, there will be red music notes on the crystal.
Once you got your melody return to Gnomelvis and talk with her like this:

Gespräche mit NPC
player: Hi
Gnomelvis: Hello. Is it me you're looking for?
player: Musical
Gnomelvis: Congratulations on finding your soul melody. And a pretty one as far as I can tell. Now you are a true recruit of the Bigfoot company! Commander Stone might have some tasks for you to do! ...
Gnomelvis: Look for him in the central chamber. I marked your map where you will find him.

You will also get an achievement out of this:
Congratulations! You earned the achievement "Becoming a Bigfoot".

Now you should head over to Commander Stone. Gnomelvis has marked the place on your map. You'll need you step into the teleporter that says "Exit"

Trading in Crystalline Tokens

You can trade in your crystalline tokens with a NPC called Gnomally, in the northern part, next to the Extermination and Digging Task.

Here is a list of what you can trade with your tokens:

5 reputation - 1 minor crystalline token
Gnomish supply package - 2 minor crystalline tokens
Mission crystal - 10 minor crystalline tokens
Muck Remover - 15 minor crystalline tokens
Lamp - 15 minor crystalline tokens
Mushroom backpack - 15 small crystalline tokens
Addition to the crystal warlord or soil guardian outfit - 70 minor crystalline tokens

Gill Gugel, Gill Coat, Gill legs, Spellbook of Vigilance, Prismatic Helmet, Prismatic Armor, Prismatic Legs, Prismatic Boots or Prismatic Shield - 10 major crystalline tokens
Soil Guardian Outfit, Basic Crystal Warlord Outfit, Iron Loadstone or Glow Wine- 20 major crystalline tokens

Gaining Reputation with the Gnomes

Talk with Commander Stone like this (this will make you to pick up the two daily missions you can do to gain reputation with the Gnomes and thus gain access to other areas):

Gespräche mit NPC
player: Hi
Commander Stone: Hello recruit.
player: Recruit
Commander Stone: I am the commander and coordinator of the Bigfoot, as the gnomes called their foreign legion. I served in several mercenary companies before I decided on a career as an adventurer. ...
Commander Stone: After I accidentally shot a fellow adventurer an arrow in his knee I had to leave for some safe place far away in a hurry. ...
Commander Stone: In Kazordoon I met some gnomish ambassadors and with the recommendations of an old dwarven friend of mine I joined their fledgling company. ...
Commander Stone: I quickly rose in status amongst the gnomes and they finally entrusted me with the lead of the bigfoot and here I am now.
player: Mission
Commander Stone: Two missions are available for your rank: crystal keeper and spark hunting. You can undertake each mission but you can turn in a specific mission only once each 20 hours. ...
Commander Stone: If you lose a mission item you can probably buy it from Gnomally.
player: Keeper
Commander Stone: You will have to repair some damaged crystals. Go into the Crystal grounds and repair them, using this harmonic crystal. Repair five of them and return to me.
player: Spark
Commander Stone: Take this extractor and drive it into a body of a slain crystalcrusher. This will charge your own body with energy sparks. Charge it with seven sparks and return to me. ...
Commander Stone: Don't worry. The gnomes assured me you'd be safe. That is if nothing strange or unusual occurs!

Keeper & Spark

Both the missions you can do in a cave north. Just go through the teleporter.

The pink crystal you use to repair damaged crystals, when they are glowing, it's repaired.
You also need to kill 7 crystal crushers and use your green crystal staff on them to extract their energy.

Once you're done you can report back to Commander Stone. For each mission you complete you will get a minor crystalline token, which you can change for more reputation with the Gnomes, the outfits, or other kind of rare equipment. Each mission also gives you 5 reputation with the Gnomes. When you got 30 reputation points there will be 2 new daily tasks you can do. Those are Extermination and Digging.

Extermination & Digging

Talk to Commander stone about missions, pick up the Extermination task and the Digging task.
Go north till you find a portal with a sign saying Mission Teleporter Truffels Garden. No Teleport Crystals Required!

Go through the portal and head down the stairs. It's important that you do not kill the truffelseeking pigs, they will lead you to the truffels. Walk with the pigs over the big mounds, if you're lucky, the pig will find truffels. Click the baby pig in your backpack and then on the truffels. This needs to be repeated 3 times. You also need to kill 10 Wigglers down there. Once you are done, you can report back to Commander Stone.

Matchmaker and Repair

After you get the second rank you will be able to use the center teleport to access Gnome Base Alpha. Walk west from there until you find Gnomeral, and pick up the two major missions - Matchmaker and Repair.

To do the matchmaker mission you will need to go back to the crystalcrushers and find the red crystals. Now you need to match your lonely red crystal with one of the big ones in that cave. The first time you match the correct crystal you will get the achievement "Crystals in love". You will get 1 Gnomish Supply Package and 2 Minor Crystalline Tokens as well as 5 reputation with the Gnomes as a reward after reporting back about the mission.

To make the repair mission you need to go to the south part of Gnomebase Alpha and enter the teleport there. There will be a lot of Enraged Crystal Golems here as well as some Damaged ones. You need to use your quest item, a bell, on the Damaged Crystal Golems to send them back to the workshop.
After reporting back you'll get another Gnomish Supply Package, 2 Minor Crystalline Tokens and another 5 reputation with the Gnomes.